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Designer Wellness

Designer Wellness’s diverse family of protein powders includes whey, egg, plant, and soy based products. The Designer Protein brand pioneered the start of Designer Wellness’s nutrition revolution. Today, its unparalleled heritage of innovation is stronger than ever.

The Challenge

The initial challenge PWS was brought in to solve was that the organization had two websites:

  1. A WordPress based website on the root domain:
  2. A Shopify e-commerce store on a sub-domain:

This configuration presents many challenges including:

  • Managing two separate sites on two different platforms
  • Multiple hosting fees
  • Cross-domain tracking issues for marketing efforts
  • The ‘Search’ feature on either site does not show content from the other
  • Google and other search engines treat these as two separate sites for SEO and ranking efforts

The Solution

In order to address this challenge, PWS consolidated the two sites so all content is on the primary domain through one Shopify store. Because Shopify is used as the e-commerce system for existing clients it is far easier to keep this as the primary platform for the consolidated website and no longer use WordPress.

We continue to help support Designer Wellness as they take on new opportunities in the health and nutrition space and aim to grow their direct to consumer sales channel.

The Result

Our Services:
Web Design | Ecommerce Development | Shopify Store| Marketing Strategy

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