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Following our well-defined and transparent process allows for a creative, timely, and cost effective design, no matter what the website project. 

Projects involve responsibilities by both parties in order to achieve a common goal. Our web and graphic designers in Boston are experienced project managers and follow these steps:

The Steps For A Successful Website Project

1. Web Design Brainstorming Session

Learning about what your organization and how it differentiates itself from your industry helps generate ideas for your graphic art. If you have ideas based on other materials, we are interested in seeing them to help incorporate into your design.

2. Web Design Concept Generation

A great way to get the ball rolling is to allow our design team to experiment with a few concepts based on our brainstorming meeting. The number of concepts is pre-determined in the quoting.

3. Design Decision

Choose a design or combination of designs that you like best. You can view concepts in a variety of ways. We can make them accessible through an online portal, email proofs, or copy proofs to a disk. Revision hours are built into your quote.

4. Final Website Revisions

We are not satisfied until you have the product you wanted. There are a minimum of two revision cycles for each project. Larger projects involve several rounds of communication. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

5. Website Publication

Upon finalizing a design we will provide several formats of the artwork based on your needs. Print formats as well as online publishing formats are commonly produced.

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