Content Management Systems (CMS)

To keep a website up-to-date and its content relevant, ProActive Web Solutions recommends a robust content powerful-cmsmanagement system (CMS) such as WordPress. A CMS is the software that allows users to edit the text, images, news updates, and blog posts of a website in a coding-free, user-friendly platform. Although CMS websites come with a higher up-front development cost, they carry the long-term benefit of being able to control the content of your own website.

With a CMS website, you’ll never be stuck depending on a website company to make every small change to your site. Editing a CMS site is as easy as working in a word processing document. PWS knows that allowing non-technical users to manage the content of their websites is an extremely valuable feature in today’s rapidly changing web environment.

The Power of a CMS

Incorporating a content management system into your website has many benefits. Major advantages include:

  • Content Creation — New site pages are easily generated using a consistent design and site structure.
  • SEO Benefits — Show search engines that you are constantly generating new information while keeping clean code, custom page names, and meta tags for each new page.
  • Branding — Maintain a consistent design across all pages, sub-domains, blogs, or portal websites.
  • Role Based Editing — Each user may access and modify only the areas of the website for which they are responsible.

ProActive Web Solutions will work to customize the design, functionality, and navigation of the CMS to fit the specific needs of your organization. Training is included to ensure that the content managers have the resources they need to manage a successful website.

WordPress as a CMS

CDP often recommends WordPress for smaller and medium-sized organizations. It is the perfect option to provide a secure, user-friendly way of updating all site content. Click here to explore how ProActive Web Solutions can customize WordPress for your site’s needs.

WordPress allows for creation of new pages, editing existing content, deleting and archiving older content, updating news articles, and publishing media. Keeping your WordPress site up to date is very simple and ensures security of your site and the availability of the latest technology. Another advantage is the ability for even the most novice user to learn to use the WordPress system in order to update content.

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