Why We Love Divi

For a number of reasons we love the Divi theme for WordPress based websites. This theme has been produced by Elegant Themes which we have worked with a lot over the years and stand behind the quality of their code and functionality for WordPress based websites. Our design process is based on custom design geared towards our client’s target audiences. Using a template like Divi allows us to use a framework that will allow for not only easier development, but future design flexibility for our clients as their content and company evolve.

Here is a list of reasons why we love using this as the framework of choice for our WordPress websites:

Design Flexibility

We can create almost any custom design with the Divi theme that still allows end users to control the content. Often times with other themes that do not utilize a page builder, many of the complex design elements need to be hard-coded into the template. Not with Divi…


Other page builders have bogged down the WP administrator and take a long time to load or respond to an editors requests. We have found that Divi is getting better with each release regarding performance.


The Divi theme has a large number of ‘modules’ that allow the user to select the type of content they are adding. The modules include text elements, image sliders, buttons, maps, testimonials, and more.

Responsive Design

All the pre-built modules have a responsive layout out-of-the-box. Often times tweaks need to be made, but for the most part as users create new content they can rest assured that mobile compatibility will be there.


Elegant Themes partners with Sucuri to ensure their code and files contain 0 security flaws and vulnerabilities.

User Community

Divi is becoming one of the most popular theme frameworks within the WordPress community. With that comes a host of great online resources to support Divi.