Overwhelming Gallery Of Past Web Design Projects

We hope you have had a chance to view the featured projects that we highlight on the our work section of our website. We intentionally do not add all of our projects to that page for a few reasons, mainly because we do not want to overwhelm prospective clients with the volume of past projects we have built.

But isn’t that a good thing to highlight years of web design work on your portfolio?

Well, yes it is, but we found that after adding all the projects to our portfolio it gave users “information overload” and they didn’t know what projects to look at as examples. Instead, we now highlight only a select few projects that are among the best of the best.

With that said, there are hundreds (yes, hundreds) of other websites we have built over the years that we are really proud of and want to show off as well. So how do we do that? I am not sure, so we created this overwhelming gallery of screenshots of past website’s home pages that we have built over the years. The crazy part is that this is not even close to all the sites we have built, but it is a pretty good sample size I would say… For us, this is a bit of a trip down memory lane. Hope you enjoy.

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