Photo credit: Needham Newton Chamber of Commerce

If you follow the business news (or traffic patterns) in Massachusetts, you have likely heard about the suburban tech hub maturing in the Needham and Newton area. Companies like TripAdvisor have brought attention to a commerce hub which has been developing for several years. The Needham and Newton industrial park, located just off route 128, has drastically impacted the economy of the greater Boston suburbs. Development in this area has created new office spaces for small and medium sized companies looking to avoid high city office prices.

Not only has this boom changed the office availability in the area, as big developers continue to expand their Needham and Newton offerings and attention, but it has also spread to infrastructure investments by the state and local communities. The state of Massachusetts has recently invested in a new exit off of route 128 in Needham to serve the Newton and Needham office park. This is just one example of infrastructure changes caused by increasing business demand within the area.

Aside from the increased opportunities to expand your business location into the suburban metrowest of Boston, there has also been a great increase in online competition for everything from lunch to customer acquisition. Newton web design services and Needham web design services are now more important than ever, because of increased business competition in the area. Gone are the days when you can get away with not having a website, or having a dated website that hasn’t been touched in years. Increased competition and attention means an increased need for web design services and internet marketing services.

ProActive Web Solutions is one of the businesses that is intimately involved in the expansion of the Needham-Newton business office park. We are seeing companies move into a space which has become hot overnight. We know this area, know the competition, and know what it takes to win the online battle. Our web design services, coupled with business experience and knowledge of the Newton and Needham area, make us an invaluable resource for businesses looking to capitalize on popularity of this area. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you and your business.