The Ever Changing Webweb-presence-25563_441x269

The web is an ever-changing network of interconnected websites. Almost like fashion, the web experience will never be complete. One challenge for small and mid-sized businesses is to stand out from the competition. Large companies and corporations have the resources to drive traffic to their site, provide the best prices, and market in every form. But as a small business, how do you compete? How do you change traffic to conversions?

Make Your Website an Experience

We are all exposed to advertising on a daily basis, some more obvious than others. Ask yourself this, what was the last piece of marketing you willingly interacted with and why did you interact with it? The answer is most likely because it provided you with an interactive experience rather than pushing information about its product up-front. Not only does providing an experience capture the interest of consumers, but it also drives them further along in the buying process before you ask them to convert to a lead (by filling out a form or likewise). You can not only captivate your audience, provide them with value, and capture valuable data throughout the process, but you can also make your sales process much easier.

Static web pages are a thing of the past. If you want to convert your web visitors in this day and age, you must provide them with an experience rather than just a list of information. Imagine this (and it won’t be hard), you go to a website looking for a local service. You arrive at a landing page and are faced with 5 paragraphs of text and a website form. How likely are you to read about what differentiates that business, and how likely are you to fill in your information?

Converting Traffic to Leads

Now imagine this, you arrive at a landing page and are immediately asked to make a relative decision about the service you are seeking? Will you leave because the task is too daunting? or will you click and not only move forward in the process, but provide valuable data to the company? Statistics have shown that when a consumer makes between two and four well-thought out and relevant decisions, they are 52% more likely to provide their information for continuing the sales process. If that isn’t enough they have also already provided incredibly valuable data by choosing their preferences and needs. This consumer is now further along in the selling process, as the business you already know their needs and that means a sale is much more realistic.

Changing Your Website to a Web Experience

If you are like us at ProActive Web Solutions, your mind is now racing with the possibilities of how you could turn your website into a web experience. We have worked with dozens of businesses in maximizing their web potential. If you have any questions on how to make this happen for your business, or want some help turning this into a reality, we are always here to help.