7 Key Ingredients To WordPress Web Support Plans

Breaking down what web support plans offer and why all WordPress websites need them. This article provides 7 key ingredients to web support.

Published: May 28, 2024

Taking care of your web presence involves a lot of work. Is your time better spent on other aspects of your business? We think so, which is why we have developed a web support plans that are thorough and pain-free for our clients. Below is an understanding of the key components of a web support plan and why it is critical to digital marketing success.

What is involved in a Web Support plan for a WordPress website?

Maintaining a WordPress website effectively and achieving optimal results can be complex and time-consuming. This is why businesses of all sizes frequently turn to experts for assistance. Outsourcing WordPress support can alleviate the burden of crucial website responsibilities in several ways. Let’s dive in and learn about the 7 key ingredients to web support plans.

1. Backups, Backups, and Backing Up Your Backups

We think this is the most important item in a web support plan. It is like having an insurance policy on your website. In case of emergency we have local backups, remote backups, and server backups of your website that we can easily roll back to in order to tackle any site hosting challenges that may happen.

2. WordPress Updates, Theme Updates, and Plugin Updates

Did you know that updates for the software that powers your website is frequently updated with bug fixes, performance updates, new functionality, and security enhancements? Your WordPress support partner can ensure you take full advantage of the latest releases with our weekly updates and testing. Don’t put your website at risk by running outdated software.

3. Uptime Monitoring and Alerts

If your website went offline how quickly would you know it? A few hours? A Day? A Week? Our web support plans include immediate alerts to our Boston based web hosting administrators any time a website becomes unreachable. That notifies us to take action and investigate what is happening.

4. WordPress Website Security

In addition to keeping WordPress core up-to-date as well as themes, and plugins, having additional security features in place to minimize the risk of the website is important. Things like turning off unused functionality, blocking bad bots and preventing spam are important to proactively protecting the site.

5. Privacy Policies For Your Website

Laws revolving around privacy are constantly changing and that is why we recommend Termageddon that provides policies that automatically update when laws change. Protecting yourself legally is crucial for web support plans.

6. Google Monitoring For Your WordPress Website

As new content is developed on your website it is important to monitor the Google Search Console to understand how the URLs are being indexed and any warnings Google has about your website. Things like missing pages, called 404 errors, or poor performance are provided by Google and should be monitored regularly.

7. One-on-One Digital Marketing Consultations

Thinking critically about your website goals on a monthly or quarterly basis is important for digital marketing success. Our web support plans include regular virtual meetings with our Boston based WordPress experts to align marketing goals with web goals.

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Free Up Your Time by Hiring a Boston-Based Web Design Agency

As you can see these core ingredients to managing a WordPress website are all critical to digital marketing success. If you are considering hiring website professionals to care for your web presence and digital assets, than look no further than ProActive Web Solutions, a Greater Boston area web development company. Feel free to reach out and tell us about your web needs. We love talking websites and are ready to learn about your organization.

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