The Local Moms Network

The Local Moms Network is a brand that is expanding to suburban towns around the country. The organization now has over 70 websites that aim to support moms with fun activities, educational articles, and local connections.

The Challenge

The client approached PWS looking to create a blog that would become a one-stop resource for moms looking for information from kid-friendly restaurants to first haircuts or the best strollers, parks and summer camps. This all had to be managed in a platform that was easy for non-technical users.

The Solution

ProActive Web Solutions worked with this mom to create a blog site that allows other moms in her community to go beyond word of mouth and offer an up-to-date, informational, and exciting reference for local families who have a lot of questions.

After success in a few Connecticut towns, PWS helped the company grow the network and take on more site administrators. We have also assisted with email account management through Google G Suite, advertising design and strategy, analytics tracking, and on-boarding new employees. We are very proud to be part of the growth of this amazing brand.

The Result

Parent website:

All local sites can be viewed from the locations page:
TLMN Locations

Our Services:
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